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SOCIETAS DEI: Journal of Religion and Society

The Societas Dei: Journal of Religion and Society is a scientific journal with a Reformed perspective that discusses the interaction between religion and society, particularly in the context of Indonesian’s multi-religious society. The journal aims to develop the knowledge that can be a scientific information source for the stakeholders in research field and government to give contribution for religious and social life in Indonesia. The journal is expected to participate in establishing and organizing an ecosystem of life that reflects the God’s government wherein justice, truth, prosperity, and beauty become a necessity.

Societas Dei has a mission to disseminate the authors’ arguments and ideas from various religious backgrounds and disciplines through Open Journal System and printed publications.

Societas Dei is published by Reformed Center for Religion and Society (RCRS). The publisher cooperates with the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary (IRES) in terms of reviewing and writing articles to put the principle of proportionality into consideration.